Solid Waste Management Plan Resident Questionnaire
1. Do you have curbside trash and recycling collection that is provided by your city or town?
2. Do you have curbside trash and recycling collection that is provided by a private company with which you contract for service?
3. If you have no curbside collection service, how do you dispose of your trash and recycling?
4. Do you notice problems with illegal dumping in your neighborhood?
5. Are you aware of recent legislation in North Carolina that bans various materials and products from disposal in landfills over the past few years?
6. Do you participate in a recycling program at home?    At work?
7. How do you dispose of hazardous materials (batteries, paint, solvents, home and garden chemicals, fluorescent tubes and bulbs) in your home?
8. How do you dispose of yard waste (grass clippings, shrubbery and tree trimmings)?
9. How do you dispose of electronics in your home (computers, tv’s, cell phones)?
10. Do you use government websites (i.e., county, city, town) for information about solid waste and recycling services available to you?
11. Please tell us your zip code:
if you live inside the municipal boundaries of one of the incorporated towns and cities within Guilford County, the name of that municipality.
If you live outside of the cities and towns, please state that you live in an unincorporated area.
12. Please share any additional comments, concerns or suggestions you may have concerning solid waste in Guilford County. If you would like to be contacted, please include your telephone number or e-mail address.